• Are you overwhelmed with court process?
  • Have you been served court documents or received a solicitor’s letter?
  • Are you Confused and Angry, or Disheartened?
  • Are you frustrated and feel like you are travelling in circles that are going no where?
  • Have you made an appointment with a solicitor , but don’t know how to prepare for your meeting?
  • Have you booked Mediation but not sure what you need to do?

We are confident that at Encouragement for Men we can help, Please contact us to see how!

Did you know....

Approximately 70,000 couples break up each year in Australia. Sadly this can often mean that a child will be without one parent in their lives, most often this parent is the father.

THE family law system is in dire strife with cases increasing by almost 20,000 in the past decade and lawyers now raking in almost $5 billion a year.


Family law activists say the system has become a “lawyers’ picnic” with each case now costing parties an average of $40,000.
To avoid going to court would be the most simple and beneficial thing you could do.  If you could work it out in mediation together as parents, you would see the rich rewards of this in your children.

Unfortunately we know this is not always the case, when statistics state that 85,000 family law matters are heard each year in the Federal Magistrates Court.

Hiring a solicitor can be costly & maybe something you can not afford. But be hopeful for it is not the only solution.


Many, many thanks for all your help!

Your encouragement, attention to detail, general advice was invaluable.  My solicitor was impressed with my documentation and it required no further input from him or his staff before presenting it to the court.

You were unstinting of your time on the phone and provided much needed emotional support. I was successful in part because of the documentation and the quality thereof, but also because I followed your advise and kept records, remained calm and avoided unnecessary contact.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to spend a whole week with my kids after not being able to see them properly for so long.

Once again, thank you and I wish you every success in your business.  We fathers need someone like you!

Kind Regards
Chris Lorenz



After the breakdown of my marriage in 2010, I found myself in the middle of a legal and emotional nightmare.
Realising that my future, that of my children, home and lifestyle were at risk, I found myself overcome by a variety of emotions, none of which was conducive to the preparation of an effective representation in court.

Whilst I had consulted a competent solicitor, I knew that it would take many expensive hours to formulate and fine tune an affidavit.

With limited financial resources at my disposal I knew that if I didn’t engage a cost effective, empathetic professional to assist me to put together an affidavit, that I stood to loose all that I had valued and worked for.

At this point I was referred to Encouragement’s principal, Jodie Pearson.

With Encouragement’s assistance I collected vital documents and facts, whilst Jodie presented it all in an appropriate, formal affidavit format, prior to submission to my legal team.

During my dealings with Encouragement, I found that Jodie, a veteran of the family law system, could identify with my feelings, whilst she remained focused on compiling my affidavit.

As such I have no hesitation in recommending Encouragement to anyone seeking a professional, cost effective means of preparing an affidavit.

John R Savannah – Victoria


26th June 2011

My daughter had been missing for 2 years and I didn’t know where to start the paperwork to put it together so I could start the legal process of looking for her.

I was given Encouragement for Men’s number.  I meet with Jodie who was easy to talk with and listened.  I found that Jodie listened with genuine interest and compassion to my situation.

Within a week I had the paperwork I needed to proceed through the legal system and start looking for my daughter.

I was able to contact Jodie and leave a question that I might not of understood and she would seek an answer for me.  Being self representing it was overwhelming but having someone behind me giving the encouragement and typing those documents made it easier.  I would recommend Encouragement for Men, it was so helpful, quick to deliver documents and was genuinely interested in my case.

Ricky Burns

  0414 968 932